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OCOP Webinar showcased developments on jackfruit in Bangladesh

04 July 2024

04 July 2024, Dhaka

Photo: © FAO/2024

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized a webinar and a fair to showcase and promote processing and marketing of jackfruit in Bangladesh. Jingyuan Xia, Executive Secretary of the OCOP Secretariat and Wahida Akter, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Chairperson of OCOP National Task Force participated the webinar today. The webinar will be followed by a fair, open to public, between 4-6 July at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) premises to promote entrepreneurship in jackfruit market for both fresh and processed products. Jackfruit is the Special Agricultural Products (SAPs) selected for FAO’s One Country One Priority Product (OCOP) initiative.

The comprehensive webinar included various topics including implementation of the OCOP in Asia and the Pacific region, OCOP implementation in Bangladesh, overview of jackfruit research and value chain, development of micro and small-scale entrepreneurship in jackfruit value chains, private sector engagement in jackfruit value chain development in Bangladesh.

Jiaoqun Shi, FAO Representative in Bangladesh said “FAO Bangladesh has taken many steps to promote jackfruit since the launch of OCOP initiative last year, including the formation of OCOP National Task Force. We will continue our efforts in promoting jackfruit, the special product of Bangladesh. We also focus on improving jackfruit farmers livelihoods and their economic growth while minimizing the use of resources, reducing jackfruit loss and waste and lessening the negative impacts on the environment.”

Wahida Akter, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture said, “Jackfruit is our national fruit and this is one of the most important and widely grown fruits in the country. The fruit significantly contributes to the nutrition of the people of Bangladesh as a source of vitamins, minerals and calories. Jackfruit has enormous potential for processing and value addition with the increasing demand both in the domestic and international markets”.  

The webinar showcased experiences and lessons learned about jackfruit: Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) has developed six jackfruit varieties among which BARI Kathal 3 and BARI 6 produces fruits year-round. BARI also developed technologies for various processed products of jackfruit such as fresh cut, chips, pickle, jam, jelly etc. The project trained more than 300 jackfruit farmers and market actors on better production, post-harvest handling and management, processing and value addition of jackfruit.  

Agronomists, practitioners, researchers and technical experts, private sector representatives, small and medium entrepreneurs involved in jackfruit industry participated the webinar as well as national government officials.  OCOP Webinar aims to raise awareness of the OCOP initiative and promoting relevant technologies for the sustainable development of SAPs through their respective value chains; showcase the case study and lessons learned of jackfruit in Bangladesh and promote entrepreneurship in jackfruit market for both fresh and processed products through jackfruit fair.  

This event serves as a forum to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learned in the sustainable production, processing and marketing of jackfruit in Bangladesh and inform different countries that are interested in implementing and promoting coffee or other SAPs through the OCOP initiative.

Photo: © FAO/2024

About OCOP

FAO launched the One Country One Priority Product (OCOP) initiative in September 2021 to contribute to the implementation of the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31 and promote inclusive, profitable, and environmentally friendly agrifood systems through the sustainable development of Special Agricultural Products (SAPs). In addition, the OCOP will help countries leverage their unique potential and identify products that are adapted to their specific production systems. Since 2021, over 80 Members from the five FAO regions have expressed their strong interest in the sustainable promotion of over 50 products. In the case of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the chosen SAP was jackfruit.

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